Light up your life and set the mood.

Light up your life and set the mood by pressing a button on your smart phone or remote to dim the lights. No more trekking downstairs to go room to room and turn off all the lights at bedtime. With URC you can easily turn off the house lights — individually or all at once. Create lighting "scenes" for one touch to relax, party, or study. It's as easy as setting presets on your car radio. You can even adjust lights at home while you're away at the office or on vacation. One touch puts you in control of a bright, energy-saving smart house.

  • One touch on a URC remote or your smart phone sets the perfect lighting level
  • Set a path of lights to welcome you when you open the garage door
  • Control lights at home while you are away on vacation
  • Select a personalized button labeled "goodnight" before bedtime to shut off all house lights and turn on select outside lights
Please note: URC has primarily two key product lines — Complete Control and Total Control®. Complete Control, our flagship line, typically includes remotes, mobile apps, base stations and entertainment products. Total Control is our whole-house system for entertainment, lighting, surveillance, off-premises control and more. In most cases, Complete Control products are not compatible with Total Control products. There are a exceptions. Watch for product line logos on our site or visit our Product pages for compatibility information.