OEM Manufacturing
Superior OEM Manufacturing Solutions — Let us Design a Personalized Remote for Your Company.

Many of the world's leading TV, flat screen, and high-end audio manufacturers rely on us to provide them with the highest quality remote controls branded with their own name.

Companies such as McIntosh, Harman Kardon, Parasound, Tag McLaren, Rotel, and Sherwood have all relied on our remote controls to control their audio components. Our products have also been used by leading global brands including LG, Sharp, Toshiba, LG, Denon, Faroudja, Klipsch, Krell, Mitsubishi, Zenith and many others.

URC's success in the OEM arena stems from our proven ability to provide high quality, user-friendly products, coupled with outstanding, comprehensive customer service and support and training programs individually tailored to satisfy customer-specific needs.

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